MTV Splitsvilla 11 Episode 1 Written 5 August 2018 Contestants Final List

Today on 5th August 2018 India’s very popular amusing reality show MTV Splitsvilla XI 1st episode has been broadcast on MTV India at 7 pm. This is a show where boys and girls complete the tasks to remain in the competition and mingle with male/female contestant fo find love. This is based on American dating reality show Flavor Of Love. Well, First Episode of MTV Splitsvilla Season 11 is truly very entertaining. We got Final 20’s in MTV Splitsvilla Season XI (10 Boys & 10 Girls).

MTV Splitsvilla 11 Episode 1 Written 5 August 2018 Contestants Final List
MTV Splitsvilla 11 Episode 1 Written 5 August 2018 Contestants Final List

MTV Splitsvilla S11 Final Selected Contestants Name

1. Maera Mishra

2. Anshuman Malhotra

3. Roshni Wadhwani

4. Chetan titer

5. Anshula Dhawan

6. Puneet kumar

7. kabeer bhartiya

8. Fahad Ali

9. Karan Manocha

10. Anushka mitra

11. Rohan Hingorani

12. Shruti Sinha

13. Gaurav Sharma

14. Aarushi dutta

15. Monal Jagtani

16. Simba Nagpal

17. Arushi Handa

18. Mehak Ghai

19. Sheetal Tiwari

20. Shagun

MTV Splitsvilla Season XI 5th Aug 2018 1st Episode Written Updates Task Winner

Host Ranvijay and Sunny Leone are all set to take you on another bumpy ride through that crazy little thing called love. Today successfully began the brand new season of Splitsvilla 11. Where Sunny Leone grooving to the tunes of ‘Tera Buzz Mujhe Jeena Na De’: O Sunny We Fell You.

Ranvijay takes a grand entry on a bike ‘Ham sab ka dost hai ye host’. We can’t wait for the madness to begin! For the first time ever, there is gonna be a secret session with the Oracle.

Monal from Ahmedabad has our full attention in that red dress! She is here to explore a love for the very first time.
Say hi to our Bareilly ki barfi, and Ileana D Cruz looks alike, Maera Mishra! She’s broken a lot of hearts, let’s see whose heart she fixes on SplitsvillaXI!

Uh. Those 8-pack abs are something to drool or die for! Welcome, Dilwalo ke sheher Dilli se Aaya dilwala, Simba Nagpal! We can already see some eye to eye contact between him and Monal.

Nobody says no to someone who knows how to strike a perfect conversation while strumming the guitar! Spot him on #SplitsvillaXI! Say hi to MR Kabir! Is he not the best one so far? Well, Aarushi seems to have already fallen for him.
“Love? Aaj Ke zamane Mein Pyaar kisko Hota hai!” Says who? Arushi Dutta. A 20-year-old who is all set to make some noise.
Ok, this dude is so not impressed, and he doesn’t seem to be in the mood to put in any kind of effort for any girl!
You are not just gonna fall for his looks, but also for how perfectly he can mimic Shahrukh Khan. Kyunki Fahad Ali, naam toh suna hi hoga? Looks like somebody has already fallen for it, guess who?

MTV Splitsvilla Season 11 5-8-2018 Ep 1 Full Episode Video Mp4

Watch here Sneak Peek Video from MTV Splitsvilla Season 11, where girls told their need for boys!

And we can already see the contestants getting wary of Shruti, whose come from Roadies to Splitsvilla, and definitely knows how to play the game better than others.
Looks like a Barbie doll but definitely doesn’t act like one! Don’t even think of considering Anushka Mitra the girl next door.

OOPS! Chetan lost one more opportunity to impress a girl, he just addressed Handa with TU. Is he pissing you guys off too?
Aww. Shruti and Rohan are right in front of each other and are not talking. Aren’t they BFFs! What do you think could be their reason for not talking to each other?
Karan, Kabir, and Chetan was in the bottom three, but who thought it would turn out to be an advantage for them as they get to go for their FIRST POOL PARTY? This is gonna be so LIT.
Chetan pulled Shruti forcefully inside the pool, Chetan tu to pitega Aaj! Do you think he will leave the villa today?

Girls have voted out one guy Chetan but Shruti vote against Karan. This is Splitsvilla XI, Expected the Unexpected! Chetan has gone directly to the secret session and now he needs to choose a girl who he thinks is the Ideal Match. MTV Love School 3 28 July 2018

This was truly a very entertaining episode of Splitsvilla Season 11. If you have missed this Splitsvilla XI Episode 1 then Watch Online on Voot Full Hd Video any time. Share your thoughts about MTV Splitsvilla 11 Episode 1 5 August 2018. To get more updates to stay tuned with us.

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