Diljit Dosanjh on Dance Deewane July 8 Episode Sunday

This weekend on Sunday Diljit Dosanjh is a special guest on Dance Deewane 8th July 2018 Episode. He wore a Lower, T-Shirt and Sports shoes. He looks different every time when he comes on any show. Well, this was truly a very amusing episode of Sunday Dance Deewane 8/7/2018. Diljit Dosanjh also showed his talent. He did dance with contestants and Judges, especially with Madhuri Dixit. He also judges all the dancers in his own way. He is really a very kind-hearted person. Don’t Miss this episode Dance Deewane July 8, 2018, Repeat Telecast or Download Online from video providing sites. Well, all the contestants gave a wonderful performance this Sunday. Yes, the question is also running in every mind that Who has eliminated from Dance Deewane 8 July episode?

Diljit Dosanjh on Dance Deewane July 8 Episode Sunday
Diljit Dosanjh on Dance Deewane July 8 Episode Sunday

Diljit Dosanjh on Dance Deewane July 8 Episode Sunday Eviction

First of all, we want to say that Judge Madhuri Dixit was looking gorgeous. She always ready to dance with everyone on stage. Yes, she also did dance with Diljit Dosanjh on DanceDeewane 8th July 2018 Episode. Dance Deewane 24 June

Shaurya gave a first and amazing performance this Sunday. She delivered wonderful performance and makes the day for everyone because this was opening on Dance Deewane July 8 episode and she starts this day with a perfect performance. Dance Deewane 1 July 2018

Judges Shashank Khaitan gift a tiara to Shaurya on behalf of his family. Madhuri calls Shaurya the ‘Kohinoor’ of this show. We can’t give a better compliment from this.

Our Judges pressed play button for Shaurya because she deserves it. Well, Arjun’s dream come true that he did dance with Madhuri but like this Phoolon ka Taaron Ka Sabka Kehna Hai..Ek Hazaro Me Meri Behna Hai..Madhuri Bind Rakhi on his arm. This was a very funny moment for Dance Deewane 8-7-2018 episode. Dance Deewane 30 June 2018

Next performer Dinanath from Generation 3 gave a Mind Blowing performance this Sunday. He delivered a Super Arial act today and won all the heart with his dance.

Judge Comment for Dinanath Super Arial Performance on Dance Deewane July 8 Episode:

Shashank says Dinanath’s quite personality transforms into a wild one when he performs on the stage.

Madhuri says praises him for beautifully executing the aerial act with the bike.

Tushar says that Dinanath is the only contestant who has consistently experimented with new styles on the stage.

All our judges have pressed the play button for Dinanath. After the kind of breathtaking performance that he delivered, this was expected, wasn’t it?

Kishen gave a very touching performance to his mother. Shashank says his powerful dance makes the audience connect with his journey. Madhuri says Kishen’s mother will always be with him in spirit.

Tushar says he was so engrossed in Kishen’s performance that he felt like he was on the stage dancing. All our judges have pressed the play button for Kishen. Totally deserving! Dance Deewane 8 July Episode

From Generation 1 Mansi and Advik also delivered amazing performance tonight. Madhuri Dixit has pressed the pause button for them. We’ll have to wait till the end to see their verdict!

Tushar says their act was good but for now, he’ll have to press the pause. What is CVV in a Credit Card

Shashank compliments them for doing the act so beautifully. But he too presses the pause button as they are yet to evaluate other performances. Love School 3 7 July 2018

Neeraj from Generation 2 gave a very entertaining performance on the song Taare Gin Gin Yaad Ch Teri. He dedicated this performance to a beautiful lady “Madhuri Dixit”.

Madhuri Dixit was grooving with all our contestants and judges on ‘mera piya ghar aaya. She says Neeraj’s performance did succeed in impressing her. High Fever 7 July 2018

Tushar says that although he liked his energy, his dance was a little repetitive. What are your thoughts?

Shashank says his performance was complete on entertainment, however, he wants him to step up his game.

Judge presses the pause button for him. MTV Roadies Xtreme 8 July 2018

Shakil and Siza from Generation 2 gave a Powerful performance. They gave another wonderful performance on Dance Deewane 8 July 2018 episode. Judges were truly impressed so they pressed the play button for them.

Tushar Kalia says both Shakil and Siza have set new standards for the DanceDeewane show and other contestants will have to live up to that! Sanju Ten Days Total Collection

Madhuri says this is a powerful performance of today’s episode. Madhuri said says Siza channelizes the sorrow of her childhood experiences into powerful performances.

Now the time for judgment today. Who gets eliminated today in Dance Deewane 8 July episode?

Minal from Generation 3 got rewind button. Dance Deewane 7 July 2018 Episode

Minal, Neeraj, and Mansi from generation 3, 2 and 1 have got the rewind button. Watch and enjoy this show every Saturday and Sunday only on Colors Television. Share your thoughts about Dance Deewane July 8 Episode. To get more updates to stay tuned with us.

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